Veganized Lashes: The Ultimate Vegan Mascara Guide

My daily makeup routine consists of clear glowing skin, eyebrows on fleek, winged eye liner, and long healthy thick eye lashes. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, many commercial makeup brands still use animal based ingredients in their products and test on animals.

Luckily for us, other makeup brands are stepping up and producing high quality mascaras that are great for your lashes and kind to animals.

Here is my review of 10 fashionable vegan mascaras that will have your eye lashes looking completely fabulous!

Va-Va-Voom: Mascaras that are Dressed to Impress


Arbonne Vegan Mascara: It’s a Long Story.
Arbonne Vegan Mascara: It’s a Long Story.

Arbonne is a vegan certified, non-toxic, beauty company. I mentioned Arbonne before in my article about the 5 must try vegan cosmetic brands, so of course their “It’s a Long Story” mascara would end up on my list.

Consistency and suitability: Definitely not for the “natural look” type of girl – but if you love a black dramatic eyelashes look, then “It’s a Long Story” mascara is for you! The wand is almost rectangular shape so getting those smaller lashes could be tricky, but it is wash resistant and long wearing, so it is defiantly worth trying.

Arbone is made in the USA, but ships worldwide.

Too Faced cosmetics

Too Faced Vegan Mascara: Better Than Sex
Too Faced Vegan Mascara: Better Than Sex

Too Faced cosmetics is a cruelty free makeup brand that is “unabashedly pink and feminine with a playful wink”.

Consistency and suitability: Too Faced cosmetics aims to put the fun factor in their makeup, and with their top selling mascara named “Better than Sex” it is definitely on the right path. Their mascara box is hourglass shaped just like the wand, and every part of the experience of using this mascara reminds me why I love being a woman! The formula is thick and I found that it did everything it says that it will. Define, lengthen, and add volume. “Better than sex” I’m not quite sure, but one of the best mascaras I tried? Definitely!

The company ships in the US and internationally to selected countries. To shop at the Too Faced Amazon store, click here.

Lily Lolo mineral cosmetics

Lily Lolo is an award winning natural vegan cosmetic line. Their “Best Natural Mascara” won the 2015 Natural Health International Beauty Awards, and it is one of Petit Vour’s best sellers; after trying their new vegan formula I can see why!

Consistency and suitability: Lily Lolo’s mascara has a tapered wand, doesn’t clump, and gives me that bold dramatic look that I love.  The fact that the line is vegan and natural is a wonderful added bonus. Plus this mascara is organic. If you love Too Faced “Better than Sex”, but want a natural all vegan brand, Lili Lolo is for you!

Natural Beauties: Natural Look Mascaras

Ecco Bella 

Ecco Bella Vegan Mascara: FlowerColor
Ecco Bella Vegan Mascara: FlowerColor

Ecco Bella is a cruelty free organic makeup and skin care line and their mascara is made with natural clay and flower wax, hence its name, “FlowerColor”. Their mascara comes in black and brown, is water resistant, and has a handy mirror in the container.

Consistency and suitability: The “FlowerColor” Mascara has a standard wand with wide bristles so that it holds just enough to layer on a hint of color. Perfect if you like the natural look! The formula is thinner so it won’t clump after several layers and would work well for sensitive eyes or for young girls who are first getting into wearing makeup.

Ecco Bella is made in the USA, but will ship worldwide and offers a 100% money back policy. Their mascara is also available on the Ecco Bella Amazon store. 

e.l.f. cosmetics 

e.l.f cosmetics is an affordable vegan cosmetics line with products at around $5 – perfect for the cost conscious vegan.

Consistency and suitability: e.l.f makes several types of mascara, but the one I tried was their “Volumizing and Defining Mascara” which only costs $2 and happens to be their best seller. The formula of this mascara is thin so it goes on clump free even after several layers, but I wouldn’t call it volumizing. Also their packaging is not durable, so I would be mindful of that if you are prone to dropping your makeup. I do love how black their Jet Black color goes on and if you like black without a dramatic effect, this would be great for you.

e.l.f cosmetics are made in the US, but will also ship to Canada and the UK, and has an Amazon store.

Flirty Girls: Mascara for Flirty Lashes

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics

Ere Perez Volumizing Waterproof Vegan Mascara
Ere Perez Volumizing Waterproof Vegan Mascara

Ere Perez is a cruelty free Australian owned cosmetics company that offers natural makeup, which is great for people with sensitive skin. They carry three types of mascaras, and I was able to try their “Volumizing Waterproof Mascara” (the only natural water proof mascara on the market according to their website).  

Consistency and suitability: The Ere Perez “Volumizing Waterproof Mascara” has a tapered wand for those perfectionists out there who like to make sure they are able to coat ALL of their lashes. And yes, it is indeed waterproof, so make sure you are stocked with a natural oil (such as coconut, almond, or jojoba oil) to help with removal. I do have to mention that this mascara seemed to dry out faster than the other brands, so clumping could be an issue if you like to use multiple layers.

This brand has an international Amazon shop and storefronts across the Australian continent. It offers free shipping within Australia, and also ships abroad.

Marks & Spencers 

In many ways, Marks & Spencers is to the UK what Target is to the US, the place to shop! They carry everything from clothes and food to home goods and they also carry their own line of cruelty free make up. Although their total makeup is not vegan, M&S do carry four mascaras that are: “Autograph Neverending Lashes Lengthening Mascara”,” Autograph Amplified Lashes Volumizing Mascara”, “Autograph  Aqua Proof Water Resistant Mascara”, and their “Autograph High Definition Lashes”.

Consistency and suitability: I tried their “Neverending Lashes Mascara” and I have never tried a mascara brush of this type before. It is so thin and long, and because of this it is able to coat every single one of your lashes. This mascara is perfect for those of us with naturally thick lashes, as it looked great on my top lashes, but clumped up on my bottom ones.

This company does not ship to the US, so if you live in the UK or are visiting there, be sure to stop by.

Cate McNabb

Cate McNabb Vegan Volumizing Mascara
Cate McNabb Vegan Volumizing Mascara

Cate McNabb is another great cruelty free natural cosmetics company. They offer mascara in regular and mini size, which is great for traveling or if you are the type whose makeup expires before you are able to use it all.

Consistency and suitability: Like Ere Perez, the Cate McNabb “Volumizing Mascara” also comes with a tapered wand and a thicker consistency which is perfect to add volume and color. However, despite its thick consistency, this mascara does not clump easily, as I was able to put on several layers without clumping lushes.

Cate McNabb products are made in the USA (free shipping on all US order!), and ships internationally.


Antonym Cosmetics is a cruelty-free eco-luxe makeup line that offers certified natural and organic makeup and vegan makeup brushes. They carry one mascara, called “Lola Lash”.

Consistency and suitability:  This mascara has a curved wand with wider bristles so it is perfect for those with straight lashes. It will definitely give you volume, but easily comes off with water so be careful if you plan on running in the rain or crying at a really good movie. On a side note, I love that their compacts cases are made from sustainable bamboo. So chic and environmental friendly!

Antonym is developed in the US, manufactured in the EU, and ships internationally.


Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Vegan Mascara
Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Vegan Mascara

I can’t talk about vegan makeup without talking about Beauty without Cruelty. Per their website, BWC was founded “in 1963 in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization. Its goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were NOT tested on animals (as was the norm) and did NOT contain any animal ingredients.”

Consistency and suitability: I was able to try out their “Full Volume Mascara“, however, they also sell “Ultimate Natural” and “Waterproof brands”. Their “Full Volume Mascara” has a standard wand and does add some thickness and volume, but it is very wet so make sure you leave time between coats to allow it to dry properly to prevent clumping.

BWC products are available on their US website, their UK website, and on Amazon.

I love that more cosmetics brands are realizing that beauty doesn’t have to hurt animals and I am looking forward to the day when all makeup brands are vegan. Until then I’m happy to support these vegan and vegan-friendly brands, and I invite you to support them as well.

We hope you found our vegan mascara guide helpful. Here’s to long and luscious, cruelty-free lashes!

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