Top 5 Websites for Your Vegan Online Shopping

As veganism grows and expands to new and varied audiences, so does the amount of vegan products offered in today’s market. There are so many exciting and useful cruelty-free options on offer these days, that at times you can even get lost between the different websites. Vegan abundance – isn’t that great?

Amongst the varied vegan brands and retailers, you can find websites that function as a market place for a variety of products, and allow you to do your vegan shopping onilne. These websites offer a great resource to get to those products that you wouldn’t normally cross paths with on your day-to-day track. They allow you to order the products online and do a variety of shopping from different countries, brands and makes, without leaving your home.

Here are our top 5 vegan online shopping websites, all of them declare themselves as vegan operated and vegan owned:

Vegan Cuts

1. Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts offers special discounted deals on a variety of vegan products and brands. Upon signing up with Vegan Cuts, you will receive a special deal straight to your inbox once a week, or alternatively, you can browse the site for a variety of special deals from some of the hottest vegan brands and companies around.

Types of products you can find on Vegan Cuts include: food, clothing, shoes, accessories and body care.

Why you would LOVE Vegan Cuts: FANTASTIC deals on different products each week, plus great design and website “feel”. Convenient and easy to use. Fresh, fun and full of chic. 


2. Pangea The Vegan Store

Pangea The Vegan Store offers products that are cruelty-free and manufactured in countries where labor laws and unions are in place to protect workers. The website has a “homely” and positive feeling to it, and staff members share their personal picks from the variety of products featured on the website.

Types of products you can find on Pangea include: food, cosmetics, home, office, cleaning, accessories, and vegan gift baskets.

Why you would LOVE Pangea: Great balance between a clean, fresh and welcoming website and a wide variety of options and products.


3. Vegan Essentials

One of the biggest on-line shopping websites around, Vegan Essentials offers a huge variety of products in many different categories. There is a strong feeling of abundance to this site.   

Types of products you can find on Vegan Essentials include: cosmetics, body care, clothing, shoes, accessories, companion animal items, food, beverages, books, and vitamins.

Why you would LOVE Vegan Essentials: you could potentially do all your shopping at the one place.

4. Vegan Perfection

The name works well here as Vegan Perfection offers not only cruelty-free vegan products, but the vast majority of products on this website are also organic certified. The website feels like a boutique shop with many products featured alongside big names, coming from small, independent  businesses.

Types of products you can find on Vegan Perfection include: food and pantry, sweets, body care, books and DVDs.

Why you would LOVE Vegan Perfection: vegan and eco-friendly. Here you will find brands and products that you won’t necessarily see in other websites.  

Shop Vegan

5. Shop Vegan

Young and user friendly, Shop Vegan offers products that are oriented more towards lifestyle choices rather than proper food and pantry options. With a fantastic range of cosmetics and gift ideas, this website isn’t overflowing with products, which makes it easy to navigate.

Types of products you can find on Shop Vegan include: Cosmetics, body care, make-up, condoms, gift sets, confectionery, and supplements.

Why you would LOVE Shop Vegan: easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Great options for make-up, cosmetics, and gorgeous gift sets.    

Enjoy your vegan shopping!

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