Top 10 Vegan Ice Creams You Should Try Out

It’s hot. Very hot. The summer is at it’s peak and it’s prompting us to search for a cooling effect. We are craving something cold, light, refreshing.

My friends, we are craving vegan ice cream!

If you are lucky enough you have a vegan ice cream shop right next to your home – one that is so close that it hardly requires you to leave the comfort of your air con for more than 5 minutes. I used to be that lucky; but gone are those days, and since I am tired of making my vegan ice cream recipe over and over again (Bananas, Date-honey and raw Tahini in the blender and the freezer), I decided to do you and me a favor and search the net for the hottest (or should I say coldest), tastiest vegan ice cream recipes.

So lets go!

#1 Voluminous Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream by Chocolate Covered Katie

#2 Vegan Coffee Ice Cream by All About Vegan Food

#3 Vegan Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream by Two Peas in their Pod

#4 Vegan Maca Caramel Crunch Ice Cream by Yum Universe

#5 Vegan Banana Cherry Garcia Soft Serve by The Simple Veganista

#6 Raw Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream by The Sweet Life

#7 Kesar Kulfi: Indian Vegan Ice Cream with Saffron by Vegan Richa

kesar kulfi

#8 Super Fudgy Vegan Marble Fudge Ice Cream by Keepin’ it Kind

Marble Fudge Ice Cream

#9 Raw Vegan Blueberry Ginger Ice Cream by Choosing Raw

Oreo Blizzard

#10 Vegan Ice-Cream Oreo Blizzard by Colourful Palate

Have a wonderful, enjoyable and refreshing vegan summer!

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