The Tastiest Vegan “Baileys” Irish Cream Recipe

Vegan Baileys
Vegan Baileys

This homemade, non-dairy version of the popular Baileys may look and taste like the traditional liqueur, but don’t let its looks and flavor fool you! Try this rum-based cocktail for a delicious modern day twist on Irish Cream!

Do you ever find yourself craving that Baileys taste from the days before going vegan? If the answer is yes, then this vegan Irish Cream recipe is what you’ve been looking for! Meet my specialty homemade “Baileys” – still a little bit naughty but completely cruelty free.

This vegan cocktail is rum based, where traditional Irish Cream is usually made with Irish whiskey and cream. It’s perfect for those evenings when you just want a sweet and creamy alcoholic treat and will also impress your guests!

Please note that while this cocktail is incredibly tasty and super comforting, it is also quite strong, so you can use half measures of the spirits or add more soy milk if you want it less alcoholic. 

Vegan Irish Cream Recipe. Image: TVW.
Vegan Irish Cream Recipe. Image: TVW.

Vegan Irish Cream Recipe

Makes 1 serving 


1 shot of Kahlua

1 shot of rum (I use Captain Morgan, but you can swap for another vegan rum of your liking)

1 cup vanilla flavored soy milk (the “vanilla” part is crucial!)

6 ice cubes

Vegan Baileys ingredients
Vegan Baileys ingredients, left to right: 1 shot of rum, 1 cup of vanilla soy milk, 1 shot of Kahlua. Image: TVW.


In a tall glass, mix the Kahlua and rum.

Add the ice cubes followed by the vanilla soy milk.

Mix well, serve cold, and enjoy!

To create “layers” – start by pouring the vanilla soy milk on the ice cubes, then add the Kahlua, and finish with the rum. Make sure to mix before drinking!

Vegan Baileys recipe
Vegan Baileys recipe. Image: TVW.

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