The Legendary Land of

Can you imagine a world where delicious, vegan, and often gluten and allergy-free dishes are created and displayed in all their photogenic glory?  A place where you can dine on a plate of Black Bean Noodle Pad Thai, a Lentil and Portobello Umami Slider, some Chesapeake Veggie Cakes, all topped off with a Gluten-free, Dairy-free Pink Peppercorn and Fig Chia Pudding?  Yowsa!

Let me take you to this magical vegan culinary place … is an empire under the benevolent dominion of plant-based recipe developer and T Colin Campbell Foundation certified plant-based health coach, Heather Crosby.

Heather Crosby
Heather Crosby, the founder of Yum Universe and and T Colin Campbell Foundation certified plant-based health coach

It was one of the first vegan websites I stumbled upon when I was transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and I was instantly captivated by the beauty of the site and its owner, the innovative recipes, and the upscale, gourmet feel.  Over the years, has grown to become a full-service resource center for plant-based eaters of all kinds. 

A practical guide for busy families

Recently I had the opportunity to review one of Heather’s new e-books: 30 Dinners—A collection of plant-based dinners and tips for herbivore/omnivore householdsWhat a gorgeous book!  And I just love that Heather recognizes many of us live in dietary-mixed households and need recipes that can double-hit for both vegans and carnivores.

As on her website, many of Heather’s recipes use hard-to-find specialty items and at first I got all huffy about how some of us not blessed to be living in the vicinity of a fancy market or big city, would once again find ourselves excluded from exotic dishes.  But Heather quickly pointed out to me that each recipe lists several substitutions that are easy to find just about everywhere.  I really appreciated that!

Yum-tastic recipes – for life!

Oat and Almond Crunch Gluten-Free Pancakes
Oat and Almond Crunch Gluten-Free Pancakes by Yum Universe. Click on the photo for the full recipe.

The 30 Dinners e-book is just one of the resources that are available for purchase singly or as part of the Lifetime Membership package Heather offers.  Although there is plenty of free content available on the website, Lifetime Yum Universe members receive every single thing Heather produces for – well – life!

A few of the upcoming releases include the Holiday Survival Guide, Herbivoracious Entertaining, and Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Birthdays for Kiddos.  Members also receive inter-active meal plans, videos, classes, support forums, and much more.

Whether you are an already accomplished vegan cook or new to the whole idea, there is something for everyone in the land of “infinite plant-based possibilities.” 

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