The Food Blog Guide 2012

We have received fantastic recommendations of a wide variety of blogs that have completely wowed us! We thank all of those who have recommended their favourite blogs, as well as our inspiring judges.

We would also like to congratulate those who have recommended their favourite blogs and won a best selling cookbook from our judges.

Congratulations to all the winners! 

So here goes…


Adele McConnell
Adele McConnell creator of Vegie Head

Vegie Head

Vegie Head by Adele McConnell is a straight-forward and welcoming recipe blog featuring colorful photography, a wide- range of recipes, videos, tips, and a great love and passion for vegan food. 

What our judges say:

Mark: Grand Prize to Vegi Head for many reasons listed here:

  • Website very inviting, uncluttered, recipes and photos high quality with an astute attention to detail realizing less is more.
  • Versatile, as incorporating raw food into many of the dishes
  • Nutritional content was included
  • Promotes other vegan blogs
  • Incorporates youtube with informational material on their blog
  • Vegie Head’s Fast pesto tartAcknowledges the efforts of others on the vegan path
  • Easy-to-follow and succinct recipes in an eye-appealing format

Lindsay: I hadn’t heard of this blog until this contest; but thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the blog. Her recipes have a beautiful simplicity and many are made without oil, which I appreciate. Her photography is also quite lovely. I must also give her props for being in Australia. I frequently receive emails from people in Australia asking about substitutes because they don’t have many of the ingredients we have in the United States (such as black beans) but looking at Adele’s blog, you’d never guess there was an ingredient limitation.

Natalie: Vegie Head has such a wide, creative range of recipes that just come across as fresh, delcious and nutritious. Just skimming through her pages I was thinking “I want to make that and that and that!” – That to me is a good sign! There seems to be something for everyone and every occassion, whether it be just feeding a family, having a dinner party or a meal on your own or a sneaky dessert! The website is also easy to navigate, eliminating that feeling of being overwhelmed by too much goodness!

Vegie Head's Choconana 'nice' cream
Vegie Head’s Choconana ‘nice’ cream

What the recommenders say:

Laura Bell from Melbourne, Australia: 
I wanted to share my absolute favourite vegan food blog with you, which I proudly declare to be Vegie Head. I love this blog because the creator, Adele, has an obvious passion for vegan food and she dabbles in raw food as well. It is her creativity that makes this blog so enjoyable, because she comes up with the most delicious looking recipes that seem to be packed with nutrients and super foods. But at the same time, the food is not pretentious. It is easy to make and never disappoints. The food photography on the blog never fails to make me hungry. 

Francisca Giannini from Santiago, Chile:
My favorite vegan food blog is Vegie Head. I Love it because it has the most awesome, delicious, beautiful recipes with incredible photos!! I’m always looking for new and amazing veggie recipes and “VEGIE HEAD” is the place where they are!

Vegie Head's tempting tempeh wrap
Vegie Head’s tempting tempeh wrap

Catherine Matthews from Melbourne, Australia:
I am nominating the vegie head site. She has amazing vegan and raw vegan recipes that even my partner, whom lives meat, enjoys and asks for seconds and thirds. The site has come from a love of good food and you can tell.

Beth Ann Whitten from Columbus, OH:
My favorite Vegan Food Blog Vegie Head.  I love that no matter how many comments she gets, she always finds a way to reply to everyone.  She’s given me good hints and recipes.  Her postings are colorful and witty.  There’s always something inspirational and supportive along the way and the pictures of her cooking are wonderful.  She’s made my transition to my new eating life style so much easier…that’s why she’s my favorite!

Charlie Shara Cooper from Doreen in Melbourne, Australia:
Vegiehead has made my passion to become a veg head so enjoyable her menu’s and photos are amazing! 

Vegie Head's Ice cream sundaes
Vegie Head’s Ice cream sundaes

Milica Racunica from Melbourne, Australia:
Hiya, just voting for Adele from Vegie Head for a fantastic vegan blog. She is such an inspiration with her recipes, her amazing photographs!! I’m inspired to cook the moment I see them. Vegie head really deserves to win.

Diane Sheehan:
Adele , who lives and COOKS, and writes wonderful things is the very best! I don’t think that woman ever sleeps , because she is always here to answer my questions, and help me with a super special recipe! Bring in some of her home life, and always paying attention to her faithful followers gives us the feeling that we are all one big happy veggie family! She has such a up-beat personality, it shines through her pages and makes you excited about trying something new! You guesses it! VEGIEHEAD, with the ever so lovely Adele writing and cooking!

Elayne Greatruaha:
My favourite vegan food blog is by far Vegie Head. I have recently become vegan and this blog is filled with info on great recipes and nutritional content of the foods used, I really look forward to checking it each day!

Vegie Head's homemade Coconut Yogurt
Vegie Head’s homemade Coconut Yogurt

Simone Richardson from Wagga Wagga, Australia: 
My favourite vegan food blog is Vegie Head owned by a woman living in Melbourne Australia.  I love her blog because she gives us lots of handy information and recipes that are suitable for all types of vegetarian/vegan life styles. The recipes she has shared on her blog look appealing and appetising with out the use of fake meats and tofu products. Adele also promotes of vegan blogs that have awesome recipes as well.

Ana from Freiburg, south of Germany:
To be honest, this has to be one of the most difficult selections to be made… I receive info-recipes on a daily basis from so many links… and in all of them there are selfless, professional, passionate, wonderful human beings communicating all these attributes through their insatiable yummy creations. But if I must choose the one and only… Vegie Head. Her webpage is as complete as can be, and her beautiful spirit is present all over it! 

Rovinder Kaur from Craigieburn Melbourne, Australia:
This website rocks, simple and clean. Pictures make you hungry even if your sitting on a full stomach.

Susan Voisin creator of Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Susan Voisin creator of Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
Fat Free Vegan Kitchen by Susan Voisin is a low fat and oil free recipe blog featuring a wide range of dishes with an emphasis on whole foods and healthy balanced dietary choices.

What our judges say:

Lindsay: I am a long time fan of Susan’s blog and her stunning photography. I love that Susan’s recipes are oil-free, low fat and use wholesome, mostly seasonal ingredients. I’ve never made a recipe of Susan’s that I didn’t love.


  • Oil-free cooking is important to overall health and uses other, healthier means as not many blogs do.
  • A quiet and healthy cause-driven simplicity to this blog.
  • Nice photography and great recipes, although can be lengthy at times 

[nggallery id=4] What the recommenders say:

Dee Weaver from West Yorkshire, UK:
My favourite vegan blog is Fat Free Vegan Kitchen because her page is colourful and friendly, her range of recipes is hugely varied, and she caters for vegans who are trying to avoid too much fat in their diet. 

Katharina Ikels from North Grafton, MA:
Fat Free Vegan has a lot of great family recipes on it!

Bernadette from Houston, TX:
My favorite vegan food blog is Susan Voisin’s fat free vegan. Like me, Susan loves good food, and it shows on her blog. Recipes are deliciously tasty, easily tasty, family-tested tasty, readily-available ingredients tasty, beautifully photographed tasty… Good food has to taste good, and the recipes on her blog really do.

Debbie Walsh

Maple Spice 

Maple Spice by Debbie Walsh is a food blog filled with surprises. The blog features both sweet and savory dishes that are creative, witty, fun and welcoming with a personal touch.

What our judges say:

Mark: We enjoyed the simplicity of the website, and the clean lines, again less is more.  The website feels light, fresh and breezy and is pleasing to the eye.

  • Total calories are included with each post
  • Very personal feel, no hype, daily food postings
  • Lighthearted approach to life and a personal touch
  • Unique, fun and creative recipes such as the vegan burger cake

Lindsay: Picking this one purely on the post about the hamburger cake. I’m still in awe!

What the recommenders say:

David Renwick from Dublin, Ireland:
Debbie’s food posts are so refreshing and she accompanies each of her food posts with thoughts and stories that make it all so personal. I love her blog!

Emily from Kfar Saba, Israel:
Maple Spice taught me how to make vegan cheese for which I am forever indebted.

Steven Sarandon:
My favourite vegan food blog would have to be Maple Spice.
Why? Hmmm, just because – look at that blog! Mmmmm.

Rotem from NY:
Her recipes are so impressive, gorgeous-looking and delicious!

Chocolate Covered Katie

Katie Higgins
Katie Higgins creator of Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate Covered Katie by Katie Higgins is a dessert blog with a steadily growing savory menu. The blog focuses on vegan cakes, cookies, baked goods, shakes and a huge love for chocolate. 

What our judges say:

Natalie: Chocolate Covered Katie was my first choice because I believe she is promoting a viable cause – chocolate eating! I may be bias here because I LOVE desserts! Aside from the originality of the page (focusing almost entirely on vegan desserts) and mouthwatering photos of amazing looking chocolattey treats, she is in balance with herself and encourages this in others and encourages the message to treat your body with respect and to cave into cravings in a sensible manner. Her recipes seem simple, easy to follow and decadent that are made from wholesome ingredients as opposed to refined crap.[nggallery id=6]

What the recommenders say:

Catherine Saunders from Houston, TX: 
My favorite vegan food blog without question is Chocolate Covered Katie. She makes veganism seem do-able, as she doesn’t “preach” about it. But you get so caught up in her infectious optimism that you can’t help but think “Maybe this would be a really fun lifestyle.” I wasn’t looking to be a vegan when I found her site, but the more and more I read her blog, the more and more I thought it sounded fun. And so I tried it, first just for health reasons. But then I started to learn about animal welfare and factory farming, and now I am an activist! I’ve even gone to a rally! My life was forever changed simply because I was a chocoholic who got hooked on her blog.

Laura Perez from Jacksonville, FL:
I really love this blog because she has TONS of vegan desserts that are so easy to make and they are delicious!

Silvana O’Brien from IL:
She has one of the best places for desserts!

Mary Kate Bell from Boston, MA:
She uses simple and clean ingredients in her recipes.  I love the idea of a “healthy dessert blog,” especially when I can surprise my friends by giving them delicious treats that they would not expect to be vegan or healthy.  I love how Katie shows that there can be so much variety in a vegan diet.

Angela Liddon
Angela Liddon creator of Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows 

Oh She Glows is a healthy recipe blog featuring spectacular food imagery, inspirational and creative recipes, and the personal experiences of it’s creator, Angela Liddon. 

What our judges say:

Natalie: Such a pretty blog with extensive range of recipes and information. Everything looks super tasty and easy. It is probably one of the most attractive blogs I have ever seen. She is raw and honest about her life and state of mind as well as where she has been mentally, giving hope to people who struggle with themselves on a daily basis. [nggallery id=7]

What the recommenders say:

Ember Miller from Colorado Springs:
Angela posts health tips, before and after of her road to health, tips on how-to’s, stories of eating disorders or saving money on your grocery bill and AMAZING recipes.  She is currently working on her first vegan cookbook which is coming out in 2014!  Angela truly promotes happiness and self-love on her blog! Love, love, love it!

Dominika Palmaka from London, UK:
I would like to recommend a blog by Angela Liddon – Oh She Glows. This blog really changed my life as I found a lot of healthy and easy to make recipes. Iv’e been struggling with vegan cooking, as the recipes were either too difficult to make or based on processed vegan products. Angela’s recipes are very healthy, tasty and really easy to make. I think she really glows and she could easily be a poster girl for veganism.

Katharina Ikels from North Grafton, MA:
I really enjoy Oh She Glows. [Angela] does a great job of creating wonderful recipes mixed with her own life stories that always inspire!

Emily from Kfar Saba, Israel:
For excellent recipes, gorgeous photography, and inspiring, honest writing.

Grace Fischer-Schneider from Minneapolis, MN: 
Oh She Glows’ enthusiasm shines through on every page!!

Resham Kirpalaney from Hong Kong:
I absolutely love h She Glows. Why? When you are struggling with switching to a plant based diet and ultimately a vegan lifestyle it is important to have support. Sometimes support doesn’t come from friends and family. Sometimes you have people pushing you to “eat a little fish, you need the protein and the oils” or “eat a little meat, a little bit won’t hurt you”. It’s difficult when people lack understanding and cannot provide support.
My initial motto has been I’m not going to preach what I practice. I’m not going to force you to listen to me, I’m not going to force you to eat what I eat. When you get curious about why I look and feel so good, then I will educate you. That is slowly changing – with wanting to shout to the world about how amazing I feel.
The lack of support still hurts though – so I find comfort in reading. Reading blogs helps me to know that there are other people out there. Other people out there that eat what I eat. Other people out there that can inspire me. With Oh She Glows (or Angela as I’ve gotten to know her over her blog), every post comes with a story, an understanding, a struggle, a new discovery. I feel like I can completely identify, and it’s my first port of call when looking for inspiration other than pinterest. 

Healthy Happy Life

Sivan says: Healthy Happy Life (The Lunchbox Bunch) by Kathy Patalsky is a lively and colorful food blog which offers a wide variety of recipes in addition to reviews, photography, videos, and cooking tips. The blog is simply inspiring!

The recommenders say:

Laura Perez from Jacksonville, FL:
I just love the layout and style of this blog. The pictures are AMAZING and the food looks and tastes delicious!!! Here you can find reviews on vegan products, restaurants, etc, cooking tips, TONS of recipes and more.

Emily from Kfar Saba, Israel:
For gorgeous photos, prolific recipes and inventive food combinations.  Kathy also writes an amazing vegan column on

Choosing Raw

Erin says: Choosing Raw is savvy, smart and sophisticated. Choosing Raw has turned me on to adding some rawness to my recipe repertoire. The blog is easy to navigate, includes numerous tips, info and guidelines, and has a wide array of both raw and cooked scrumptious recipes. Appealing pics, humor, and mindfulness of readers are all the icing on the cake of this blog.

Janet Malowany from Toronto, Canada says: I love Gena’s down-to-earth simplified approach to cooking and eating. I have made a few recipes and they are great. 
[nggallery id=9]

Manifest Vegan 

Erin says: I was drawn to Manifest Vegan by the very aesthetically pleasing layout of the blog and I stayed for the yummy recipes, artistic photos and the awesome variety of baked goods. Yum! And a huge plus is the wide variety of gluten free recipes!

Rotem from NY says: Manifest Vegan is my favourite vegan food blog by far! Can’t wait for the book!

Urban Vegan 

Zion says: Urban Vegan hosts recipes that come with their own style and flavour, such as the mouthwatering pumpkin pie smoothie, and you get a real feel for the way vegan blogger Dynise lives. Recipes are accompanied by beautiful photography, and the writing style is informative while staying lighthearted. Dynise’s motto of ‘diving into decadence’ makes me want to cook lavish vegan cuisine too!

Leslie Hannah says: My favorite vegan blog is UrbanVegan. Dynise’s recipes are so good even a carnivore like myself bought her cookbook!

Vegan Yack Attack

Rhonda says: This smart blog features printable recipe “cards”, rather than printing the entire page. And not only are there photos of each dish, but the recipes feature step-by-step photos so you know how the dish will look along the way. Recipes in Vegan Yack Attack are organized by category and buzzwords, and there is even a beer category!

Laura Perez from Jacksonville, FL says: I love Vegan Yack Attack because it’s full of yummy recipes. They are all mouth-watering recipes! 


Tongue Ticklers

Zion says: Tongue Ticklers focuses on delicious home-cooked meals by a vegan cook who knows what she likes and wants to share it with the blogosphere. Tongue Ticklers is home to some good-looking photography and an inspiring and beautiful explanation of veganism titled ‘Why Vegan?’, which argues beautifully that veganism is an extension of being human. Topics explored include family life, ethics, Indian cookery, and there is a definite authentic flavour to the blog. It also has a very useful recipe index and site search function.

Richa from Seattle, WA says: Harini’s blog has some authentic South indian foods which are naturally glutenfree and some vegan basics which help reduce dependence on proccessed ingredients.


Erin says: Back in the day of my vegan infancy I would often do random online recipe searches. Time and again the Vegangela blog would come up, providing me with just the recipe I needed for the occasion. The recipes are extensive and several bright and tantalizing photos of the food accompany each one. I was sold on “the best ever vegan mac and cheese.” And if all this weren’t enough there are some pretty awesome tricks and tips. I particularly like the fun freezer tricks.

Sivan says: Vegangela by Angela Thompson is by far one of my favourite food blogs as the recipes never fail me and I enjoy the clean style and gorgeous photos that accompany this blog. At the moment the blog is on a “break” as Angela is away, but the recipes are still there and they are fantastic!

Hobby and More

Rhonda says: Hobby and More has a variety of recipes and an Asian Indian influence. It uses whole foods and has fantastic photos and narration. Many of the recipes are gluten free, and recipes are organized by alphabetical order & categories. prolific and passionate!

Harini Prakash says: Hobby and More has innovative recipes and wonderful vegan adaptations.

Vivek Garg says: I would like to recommend Hobby and More for your food blog guide. I find it refreshing and creative.

The Post Punk Kitchen

Erin says: What really caught my attention with The Post Punk Kitchen is that in the area where you can search for recipes by ingredient, the first ingredient, with the highest numbers of recipes, is chocolate. ‘Tis a blog after my own cocoa loving heart indeed. If chocolate isn’t your thing (as if), you can conveniently search for recipes with any ingredient you have.  An added bonus: the descriptions of the recipes are witty enough to hold my attention so that I can read through the whole thing and thus learn a little something.

Jacqui Barnett says: I LOVE anything by the Post Punk Kitchen! Have most of Isa’s Books, her recipes are awesome! They always turn out perfect and love their “sisterly”, informal and very cool attitude. The best vegan cakes ever!!!!

Meet the Shannons

Zion says: Meet the Shannons is an eclectic, funny, and slightly nerdy celebration of real vegan food and the fun side of the vegan lifestyle. The recipes are innovate and the photography is adorable. The Shannons are just so cute! They are a couple with a lot to share with the world, and they don’t hold back. You’ll find a bit of everything on this celebratory blog, including plenty of that wholesome ‘feel-good vegan’ vibe and way to veganize almost anything!

Silvana O’Brien from IL says: Meet the Shannons has awesome recipes for comfort food!

Cucina Libera

Rhonda says:

The recipes in Cucina Libera identify major allergens, making it easy for those who have restrictions on their vegan diet. Additionally, unrefined sugar is not used – this makes it a jewel for that reason alone. It’s easy to sort through and skim the  recipes, and there is an Italian flavor to this blog that adds to its appeal! Also features some raw recipes.

Allyson Fera Santucci says: My favorite vegan – just food – blog is: Cucina Libera. This is an incredible blog that is both entertaining  (it is very much appreciated to read something that is well written, clever AND informative) as well as FULL of wonderful recipes that are not only vegan but also gluten free and refined sugar free (hence the name Cucina Libera.. which means in Italian either free kitchen or cooking – or cook free as in free of ingredients one may not want in their diet –  depending on how you look at it, either way it’s great!). What’s more the recipes are easy to reproduce and they taste great!  I am a chef and a recent vegan (was vegetarian before) and giving up cheese etc. has been really hard for me.  This food blog makes it a lot easier to find and make great dishes and desserts that everyone will like. It shows the best of vegan cuisine and that it is easier and tastier than many think to eat vegan.
For example, the recent recipe on French Onion Soup – Daiya Mozzarella and Onions were born to go together..  it Italian we say “si sposano”: they ‘marry’… More people should really know about this blog! 

Dylan Ryan from Los Angeles, CA says: My favorite food blog is Cucina Libera because:

  • The recipes are super easy to follow and they make sense from start to finish.
  • The pictures are totally helpful in giving me some idea of what I’m aiming for at the end.  Sometimes, you don’t exactly know and you end up way off target.  These are very helpful.
  • I always learn about some new products on the market. Cucina Libera seems is extremely knowledgeable about the ingredients other Vegan products that I’m always looking to explore.
  • I go to this site almost every day and Cucina Libera is always exploring some creative, and most important,  delicious concoction. This stuff needs to be on the vegan radar.

Veg Kitchen with Nava Atlas

Rhonda from The Vegan Woman team says: Veg Kitchen offers much more than just food/recipes. It features multiple contributors which adds to the variety, (though making it slightly less personal), and a helpful rating system for recipes. 

Temujin Scott from Katy, TX says: My favorite vegan blog would have to be Veg Kitchen. The author makes the recipes so easy and delicious.  she gives great themes to her “one pot meals” or “party delights”.  I have printed out over 30 recipes already for my “to do list” for this month to try. 

Vegan Dad

Zion from The Vegan Woman team says: Vegan Dad is a straight-talking exploration of vegan cooking, using embedded videos to aid the budding chef where necessary. The recipes are practical and hearty, and the photography is colourful and inspirational. Vegan Dad seems to have a fuss-free recipe for every type of dish!

Holy Cow

Rhonda from The Vegan Woman team says: Holy Cow features fantastic Indian oriented recipes, and reviews of regional restaurants. It also has a master shopping list and a helpful recipes by category feature.

Richa from Seattle, WA says: Vaishali’s blog is just such a delight with a huge collection of different cuisines. I also love her stories and opinions about some important topics. 

Harini Prakash says: Great writing and a treasure trove of recipes that are easy to make after a working day.

V. K. Rees

Emily from The Vegan Woman team says: V. K. Rees offers gallery quality photography and delicious recipes.

Roy Rogers says: I would like to nominate the food and photo blog of Vanessa Rees. V’s blog is simply fantastic with gorgeous food photography, tasty vegan recipes and each entry has an great photo of an extremely cute cat. Vanessa is a committed vegan food photographer who deserves the support of the vegan community for trying to focus her career and professional life as (primarily) photographing vegan food.

Throughout this project we have received over 90 recommendations of over 40 food blogs.

We have listed the ones that received the majority of the votes from both our team and the judges. However, some, like Cashew Catering and Peas and Thank You, were absolutely fantastic and received great recommendations, but did not make it to the list because they were not strictly vegan. Some recommendations were not even vegetarian (what are people thinking?!) and others were really close and almost made it to our top 20 list.

Here are the recommendations that won a cookbook from our judges, followed by a quick shout out to a few more wonderful vegan blogs that were recommended in this project. 

The Winners

Each of the following lucky winners will receive one of the following best-selling cookbooks from either Happy Herbivore or Vegan Fusion:

And the winners are:

Laura Perez (who recommended Chocolate Covered Katie, Healthy Happy Life, and Vegan Yack Attack)

Dominika Palmaka (who recommended Oh She Glows)

Keren Mosessco (who recommended Vegan Crunk)

Tanya Seibold (who recommended Happy Herbivore)

Other Blogs

Happy Herbivore

The only reason Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon is not in our top 3 is the simple fact that Lindsay together with Mark Reinfeld of Vegan Fusion, have kindly agreed to be on our panel of judges and therefore could not take up an active place in the guide. Despite this fact, Lindsay’s loving community members have repeatedly nominated her for the guide.

Radiant Health Inner Wealth

Janet Malowany from Toronto, Canada:
Radiant Health Inner Wealth might seem a bit polished, but that’s because Tess is sharing the recipes from her cookbooks. Trust me, her recipes are stellar. Her cookbooks revolutionized my kitchen and turned me into a vegan. 

Of the Kitten kind

Nina Herbert from Canberra, Australia:
My favourite vegan food blog is Of the Kitten Kind. The site is run by Sally Kitten, a registered nurse, photographer and vegan blogger/recipe maker extraordinaire! I love her blog because firstly she’s Australian and it lovely to have recipes suggested for produce actually in season.  I often harvest vegies from my garden only to discover Sally’s just posted a recipe (that same day) requiring those exact ingredients! I love that she uses real, readily available ingredients.  Plus she is always happy to suggest alternatives when a certain item (think nuts) cannot be used. Of the Kitten Kind is my ‘Go To’ vegan food blog. 

Vegan Crunk

Keren Mosessco Kariel from Tel Aviv, Israel:
I’d like to vouch for Vegan Crunk. Bianca’s attitude and love of quick, rich, southern-inspired food (and soft spot for anything junk), caught my attention. Her reports from omnivore restaurants and dinner parties, where she finds and devours vegan goodness, realistic food photography and positive attitude got the blog a room in my Google Reader.
When I do visit the blog itself (for a rare comment or to look at her blogroll), I am always amused and encouraged by Bianca posing with that donut. Hell, few women, even food bloggers, would have their pictures eating something – I like her even more for that. Bianca is one of those that make not eating animals such a fun, limitless ride.

And last but not least a quick shout out to some more blogs that have been recommended and we want to spread their love… An Unrefined Vegan, Full Flavoured Life, Feast Your Eyes on My Veg, Vegan Cuisine, and Triumph of the Lentil – well done everybody! 

Thanks so much to all of you amazing people sharing the vegan love!

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