One Week Vegan Challenge

Are you ready to take the one week vegan challenge?

If you are not vegan and would like to give it a go and blog about your experiences – let us know!

Preparation Week

3 tasks for the week prior to taking the challenge:

1. Watch the movie Forks Over Knifes Empty kitchen from animal derived products and replace with wholesome foods you enjoy from the following categories:

Lots of fresh fruit and veg of your preference
(make sure you include leafy greens)
Whole meal grains (such as rice, quinoa, pasta, couscous)
Legumes (such as lentils, split pea, beans)
Dips and spreads (such as hummus, tahini, pesto,  vegan cream cheese, almond spread, peanut butter)
Treats (vegan chocolate, vegan yogurts, vegan ice cream, nuts, seeds, dry fruits and vegan snacks)

3. Watch Dr. Neal Barnard’s lecture on addictive foods (to the right)

The One Week Vegan Challenge

Throughout the week, whenever you experience any difficulty or have any question, please post it on our facebook page for our community members to advise and answer.

Days 1-3:

1. Food Tasks: 

Prepare at least one of the following breakfasts: 
Oatmeal by The Urban Vegan
Blueberry Muffins by Oh She Glows
Breakfast Burrito by Healthy Happy Life
Easy Pancakes by Vegan Yum Yum 

Prepare at least two of the following for either lunch or dinner:
Potato Curry by Vegangela
Lunch Box Enchilada by Fat Free Vegan
Curried Lentil Soup by Oh She Glows
Antipasto Mung Bean Pasta by Vegie Head

Prepare at least one of the following as a treat/ dessert:
Cheesy Kale Crisps by Healthy Happy Life
Berry Filled Banana Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting by Vegan Yack Attack
Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Pie by Chocolate Covered Katie Video Task:

Watch the Garry Yourofsky lecture (to the right)

3. Research Task:

Choose 1 out of the following:

– Research the impact meat eating has on our environment. You can start here. 

– Go to your local supermarket and try to find 5 hygiene products that were not tested on animals AND do not contain any animal derived ingredients.  Consult this list to make sure products are indeed cruelty free.

Days 3-6:

Food Tasks: 

Explore The Vegan Woman’s Food Blog Guide and prepare at least three recipes from blogs that you liked. 

Special Assignment:

Contact a Farm Sanctuary in your area and schedule a guided visit for the next couple of days.

Dinning Assignment:

Search for a highly recommended Indian/ Asian restaurant in your area and go there for a vegan meal…

Video Task:

Watch the CNN program about heart disease with Bill Clinton.

Day 7:

Congrats for making it to the 7th day!

Today you have two tasks:

Video Task: 

Watch the movie Earthlings posted below.

Chat Task:

After watching the movie, discuss veganism with someone who is not vegan, taking the vegan side.

Best of success in your week of discoveries!

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