My Vegan Wedding: Part III – The Big Day

After all the planning, choosing, preparing and stressing the big day finally arrived.
Scott and I got married on June 1st, 2012, in a white, vegan, semi-traditional wedding.

Even during the week of the wedding itself we were still frantically putting together the finishing touches. Since I was doing my own make-up for the big day, I went out and found myself a nice vegan lipstick to go with my vegan dress, shoes and eyeliner; and Scott managed to track down some vegan shoes to go with his vegan suit. We were ready to go!

We started the day at 11am with a gathering at one of the venue’s halls, accompanied by the sounds of the piano. At this stage only drinks were served, and at around 12pm we moved outside to the garden for the reception.

With our family at the reception area
With our family at the reception area

Our reception food included a focaccia stand, a wrap stand, and bite size appetizers such as crispy sushi, vegetable patties and cherry tomato bakes.

Reception food: Vegan Sushi and Root Vegetable Patties
Reception food: Vegan Sushi and Root Vegetable Patties

At around 1pm the ceremony started with our friend Rotem as the host. Scott and I were very lucky to have both sets of parents there with us, and we were privileged to have them, as well as two of our best friends, talk at the ceremony and congratulate us before our guests. It was a very moving moment for us.

The exchange of rings and vows was conducted by our friend Jason who used the metaphor of planting a seed and healing the world in describing what Scott and I have set out to do in our union. Together with Jason we talked about love, about respecting all living beings, we talked about who we are, what we feel for one another and what we promise to each other. 

 We then moved to the wedding hall where we had our vegan buffet set out.

On the menu for the main course:
Mushroom risotto
Two types of quiche (onion and wine quiche, and roasted veg quiche)
Courgettes stuffed with wild rice
Steamed greens
Eggplant moussaka
Two types of pasta (one with coconut milk, peanuts and chives, and one with olive oil and roasted cherry tomatoes)
Tofu “steak” in a bread crumb crust
Potato wedges
and stuffed portabella mushrooms 
Our salad stand included an Asian style salad, a cranberry almond salad, green salad, and a two coloured cabbage and peanut salad.

Vegan wedding food
Vegan wedding food: olive oil based pasta with roasted veg and steamed greens

Ironically the one dish we were unsure about serving, the tofu steak, turned out to be the biggest hit, with everyone saying how yummy it was! We were so afraid of connecting veganism to tofu that we almost did not serve this dish, but the deep fried bread crumbs covering the “steak” did their job…

Vegan wedding food
Vegan wedding food: mushroom risotto and tofu “steak”. In the background: vegetable moussaka.

In the desserts section we had
Layered cake with hazelnut cream
Chocolate cigars
Honey-melon soup
Deep-fried crepes with chocolate and banana
Soy ice cream
Warm apple strudel
and raspberry and coconut malabi 

Our friend Debs
Our friend Debs enjoying a vegan desserts assortment at our wedding

 Scott and I did not get to taste the desserts. At this stage we were both on the dance floor dancing with our family and friends. What a day…

The reactions about the wedding soon followed. Of the 180 guests that attended only two were unhappy with the food. Others have been calling us since to congratulate us, to say how much they enjoyed it, to say how special and unique the wedding was, to ask for some recipes (!) and to congratulate us for following our beliefs.

The most exciting phone call came from my dad who had actually strongly opposed the idea of a vegan wedding, afraid that the food would shame him in front of his guests. Wanting to make sure they all had a good time and apologize where needed, my dad called every single one of his guests after the wedding. The reactions were exceptional as all his friends told him they enjoyed not only the wedding but also the food; some even said that they will adopt a few of our ideas for future occasions themselves. My dad, who loved the food on the wedding day, said he was incredibly surprised at how tasty everything was, and stated that he is truly happy that we followed our beliefs as it turned out to be a beautiful and inspiring occasion.

If you are planning a wedding any time soon and are considering doing it the ethical way, I can only say Yes, Yes and a million times Yes. And if you need any help or advice planning your event drop me a line via our contact form. I will be more than happy to help.

Here’s hoping that one day soon, all weddings and people will be vegan.

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