How to Find a Vegan Job

Looking for a vegan job that will allow you to align your ethics with your livelihood? Read on for our vegan job guide!

Veganism is more popular than ever, and as veganism becomes more widespread, vegan job opportunities continue to increase. This is great news if you’re a vegan looking to make a livelihood out of your passion, or if you simply want to ensure that your work supports a positive cause. 

If you’re in the market for a vegan job, one of your best bets is to check out the vegan job board, an online listing of the most recent vegan jobs available in many different countries. is another great resource for finding vegan jobs. You can also check out the ‘Vegan Jobs’ Facebook page for updated listings. 

To give you an idea of the types of vegan jobs available, I’ve outlined some prominent vegan occupations below. Happy job-hunting! 

Vegan Magazines

Are you a writer? Are you vegan? Great! Why not pitch a popular vegan magazine with a piece you’re passionate about? Although many magazines don’t offer monetary incentive right off the bat, getting your foot in the door is a good way to make connections within the company so that when a paying job does come up you’ll be more likely to be considered.

While some magazines offer paid positions, others (usually online) may be volunteer ones. For example, *ahem*, here at The Vegan Woman we are always looking for capable volunteers in an array of fields, from social media managers to editors, administrators, writers, and content managers. 

Magazines may also be looking for editors, copy-editors, professional photographers or graphic designers, so keep your eyes open for magazines if you have any of these skills. 

Vegan Restaurants

Chefs, servers, bakers, and cashiers are all obvious vegan restaurant jobs. The demand for restaurant staff continues to grow as more and more vegan restaurants pop up all over the world. Then there’s the less obvious, behind-the-scenes restaurant work, such managers, supervisors, delivery staff and even social media director/strategist, whose responsibilities include managing social media platforms and engaging with customers online. Keep your eye on the vegan job boards for this type of work. 

Farm Sanctuaries

Farm sanctuaries are always looking for passionate individuals for a variety of jobs. If working closely with animals is your thing, perhaps you’d be interested in becoming an animal care specialist. If administration is also your thing, sanctuaries are often seeking assistants whose duties include animal care as well as administrative tasks. Many sanctuaries also offer internships for those with a desire to learn. 

Animal Rights Organizations

First off, if you’re interested in getting a job with an animal rights organization, I highly recommend you read this post: 14 tips on getting a job in animal rights by Our Hen House. There’s a huge variety of things available when it comes to jobs in animal rights and you may want to start as a volunteer to see if the job is right for you. Check out the PETA job board to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. 

Some examples of jobs in animal rights include campaign coordinators, marketing coordinators, undercover investigators, writers, wildlife caretakers, jobs in HR… and the list goes on. Find a job in animal rights that matches your skillset and apply away. 

Vegan Companies

Vegan companies are expanding and new ones popping up all over. It’s a great time to find a job with one. A few examples of jobs available at these companies include brand ambassadors, sales managers, salespeople, order processors, accountants, production assistants, etc. All of the skills you’ve learned at a non-vegan company are totally transferable to a vegan company – it’s just a matter of finding out who’s hiring. If you have a favorite vegan company, simply Google their name plus “jobs” and odds are they have a list of the positions available or an email address where you can send a resume. If not, why not be bold and take matters into your own hands by contacting the company you would like to work for, introducing yourself and letting them know that if a new opportunity comes up you’re the person for the job? 

You can also apply your online skills to jobs with vegan companies. For example, app/website development and programming are highly sought after skills which could find you a job at a vegan company. 

Apply here to become a Food for Life teacher with The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Vegan Nutritionist/ Nutrition Coach

With veganism on the rise, more people are turning to vegan health coaches, vegan nutritionists and dietitians for help in leading a healthy, plant-based diet. If nutrition is your jam, you could look into ways to make it a career path. For more information on becoming a vegan dietitian see this post by The Vegan r.d.. You could also look into the Food for Life training program of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine which offers opportunities of developing your very own small business, and the T.Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies’ certification program which could assist you in building your vegan nutrition expertise.

Develop your Passion

What are your passions and hobbies? Do they relate to veganism? As a general rule, the more you work at something the more skilled and adept you become at it. You may in fact become so skilled that you can turn your passion into a livelihood. For example, if you’re a food blogger and you accrue a lot of followers you could one day have a paid website, turn your blog into a cookbook and host workshops. If you create homemade, vegan cosmetics “just for fun”, you could take it one step further and sell them on websites like Etsy. If successful, this could lead to your very own homemade cosmetics line. 

If you see a niche, there’s always the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own vegan business which could one day supply more vegans with job and career opportunities. Your combination of passion, talent and action could lead to a fiercely successful vegan career if you’re willing to take the steps to go there.

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