PouchMafia.com Affiliate Program Terms of Use

  1. One-time commission payments are paid to the customer’s account only when the order received through the partnership program has been paid in full to the Nicobros OU bank account.
  2. You may NOT use the PouchMafia brand, or directly competing keywords such as “Nicotine pouches”, or any misspelled form of it, for paid advertising, on social media or in other different forms of online advertising. This means that in Google Adwords, for example, the partner may not create campaigns for the search words “nicotine pouches”, “vapes” or any other. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of the affiliate program and loss of all commissions already earned.
  3. Collecting referrals through false information, misusing Nicobros OU intellectual property (such as the Nicobros OU trademark or copyrighted materials), or impersonating a Nicobros OU employee is prohibited and may result in the loss of all accrued commissions and/or removal from the program.
  4. One-time commissions are paid once a month. Payments under €50 are not made, but are left waiting for the commission accumulation to grow.
  5. If an order received through a referral is cancelled, transferred or terminated by Nicobros OU, all commissions received from it will be removed. See section 1. The commission is also not paid for an order that has been canceled due to the customer’s fault or for which the invoice has progressed to collection.
  6. The benefit received from the Nicobros OU affiliate program cannot be combined with current or future retail discounts. If the retailer orders products for himself with a pre-agreed discount, no commission is granted for this.
  7. Nicobros OU reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate Program or change the terms of the Affiliate Program, such as pricing, at any time in its sole discretion.